Insects and Your Lawn Go Hand-in-hand

Insects have gotten a bad rap over the years and it seems like whenever we see one of the little crawly things we run for a can of bug spray and kill everything that moves in the lawn. True, some insects can do some substantial damage to the lawn, but unless you see that type of problem, it is better to let Mother Nature run the show. Often, in our attempt to eradicate the little critters we also remove all the beneficial insects that do more good than the insects we're trying to remove.

Of course, if you really have a bad infestation of say fleas and ticks, or perhaps grubs are turning your lawn into Swiss cheese, go ahead and treat. But don't just treat a lawn with insecticides just to be on the safe side. When problems occur, take care of them then.

If you apply treatments yourself, be sure to read and UNDERSTAND directions packaged with the product. Many insecticides can be harmful to humans, deadly to pets and wildlife. So please, read the directions carefully BEFORE applying any chemical to your lawn or landscape.

A professional lawn care provider should be able to treat your lawn for most common lawn pests, safe and effectively. Ask them about their pest control applications. Using a pro for this makes a lot of sense. You don't have to buy or store those nasty chemicals, but you don't even have to try and read all those label warnings and cautions in printing so small that you need a magnifying glass to read. Not only do the professionals know which chemicals take care of which bugs, but they also know what those labels are saying.