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How To Fertilize Tips and Facts From the Pros

Fertilizing Tips and Facts from the Experts at Utah Lawn Aeration Pros

Get ready for a beautiful lawn this year!

When should I fertilize the lawn?

Usually we recommend one application of fertilizer in the spring around Memorial Day and another in the fall about Labor Day. If your lawn is in poor condition you may want to make two applications in the fall.

Should lawns be fertilizing in mid summer?

It is recommended that we not fertilize in July or early August unless. If you fertilize in the summer you will need to use a sprinkler system regularly.

Is late fall fertilizing a good idea?

Yes!! Fertilizer can be applied late in the fall and will be available for the grass when it emerges in the spring. Giving it a healthy growth start.

What should we look for when purchasing a lawn fertilizer?

We want a fertilizer that is made for lawn usage. This would be at least partly a slow release fertilizer. A lawn fertilizer should have at least 20% nitrogen. That means that the first number of the sequence on the fertilizer bag should be a 20. The other 2 numbers indicate the percentage of phosphorous and potassium. Much less of these are needed by the lawn in the spring of the year.

Will fertilizer help to thicken up an existing lawn?

Yes, fertilizer will cause the grass plants to grow vigorously and increase in size. But if a lawn is real thin, seeding will still be necessary to increase the number of grass plants.

How should fertilizer be applied?

Don’t try to scatter fertilizer by hand. Usually you won’t be very satisfied with the results. Use a spreader and set it according to directions on the fertilizer bag. Don’t increase the amount of fertilizer applied. Applying too much fertilizer will burn the grass. Water the fertilizer into the ground shortly after applying if we don’t receive rain.

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